Code of Conduct

Artrageous "Conduct, Conflicts of Interest and Ethics"

  1. 1) Purpose

  2. The purpose of this policy is to define the expected standard of ethical conduct
  3. and proper practice of Artrageous Sandgate Community Arts Centre Assoc Inc (Artrageous) Management Committee Members.

  4. The purpose of this policy is also to protect the integrity of the organisation’s decision-making processes and reputation.

    1. 2) Principles

    2. Artrageous is committed to the adoption of ethical conduct in all areas of its responsibilities and authority.

    3. All issues which potentially present a conflict of interest or an ethical dilemma must be openly disclosed
    4. and discussed in an honest and comprehensive manner.

    5. In all cases where there is a conflict of interest between a Committee Member’s personal or professional interests
    6. and the interests of the organization, the interests of Artrageous will prevail.

    7. Where the Committee is of the opinion that a member has willfully acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of Artrageous,
    8. the Committee may seek to suspend or expel the member using the process set out in the Constitution of Artrageous.

      1. 3) Process and Guidelines for Ethical Conduct

      2. All Committee Members are required to:

        1. Act honestly and in good faith at all times in the interests of Artrageous and for a proper purpose;
        2. Be diligent, attend Committee Meetings and devote sufficient time to preparation for these meetings
        3. to allow for the full and appropriate participation in the decision-making of the Committee;
        4. Ensure scrupulous avoidance of deception, illegal or unethical practice or any other behaviour that is,
        5. or might be construed as less than honorable in the pursuit of Artrageous's business;
        6. Not disclose to any other person, confidential information other than as agreed by the Committee
        7. or as a required under law. All Committee papers and discussions should be considered confidential unless otherwise agreed.
        8. Act in accordance with their fiduciary and statutory duties. Comply with all relevant legislation,
        9. taking into account the spirit as well as the letter of the law and recognizing both legal and moral duties of the role;
        10. Abide by Committee decisions and not express dissent after the decisions are made; and

vii)  Not do anything that in any way denigrates Artrageous or harms its public image.

  1. The Committee shall:

    1. Ensure that there is an appropriate separation of duties and responsibilities between itself and the Chairperson,
    2. Make every reasonable effort to ensure that Artrageous does not raise community,
    3. supplier or stakeholder expectations that cannot be fulfilled;
    4. Meet its responsibility to ensure that all Artrageous volunteers are treated with due respect
    5. and are provided with a working environment and working conditions that meet all
    6. reasonable standards as defined by relevant workplace legislation.

  2. 4) Process and Guidelines for Conflicts of Interest

  3. Conflicts of interest may occur when:

    1. A volunteer or a Committee Member has personal or professional interests that -

(1) are at odds, or have potential to be at odds with the best interests of  Artrageous; or

(2) arise in situations where they have divided loyalties, known as a ‘duality of  interest’;

  1. A Committee Member, or their immediate family or business interests,
  2. stand to gain financially from any business dealings, programs or services provided to Artrageous;
  3. A Committee Member offers professional services to Artrageous
  4. and is rewarded (unless sanctioned by the Committee as in the case of AIR); or
  5. Any information, received through involvement on the Committee is used by Committee Members,
  6. their organisations or networks for personal, professional or strategic advantage.

  7. All Committee Members are required to:

    1. Declare all actual or potential interests that could result in a conflict between personal and professional proprieties
    2.  and the priorities of Artrageous; and
    3. Declare awareness of a real or potential conflict of interest of another Committee Member
    4. who has not otherwise declared such.
    5. Sign a copy of this document and retain a duplicate as reference.

    6. The Committee shall:

      1. Start each Committee Meeting with a request of those present
      2. to declare any current or potential conflicts of interest;
      3. Determine whether or not a declared conflict of interest is of material significance
      4. to either the individual Committee Member or to another organisation/interest
      5. with which that individual is connected and shall advise the Member accordingly;
      6. Decide if the individual Member shall vote on any matter relating to an identified conflict of interest.
      7. In addition, the Member will only be privy to any related discussion with Board approval;
      8. Determine what records and documents related to the matter will be made available to the Committee members;
      9. Ensure all such occurrences are recorded in the minutes; and
      10. Maintain a register of conflicts of interest for use by the Chairman at future meetings.

I ,________________________________________________________________________

as a member for Artrageous, have read and understood the above.



Signed____________________________________________ Date _______/______/_____

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