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If you want to have some fun, be involved in a community group of like-minded creative souls, then this is the place for you. From helping out with workshops, creating public interest as a PR volunteer, helping prepare for arts & crafts activities  or just to take photos on Opening Nights, there is always something you could do to help the centre and we would love to hear from you.

Our volunteers are our greatest asset!

Artrageous is the only non-funded arts and crafts centre of it's kind in Australia, run solely by volunteers since 1999.

Although there have been numerous volunteers who have been involved with the centre over the years, it's appropriate we acknowledge the small group we currently call "Team Artrageous". These passionate (some say crazy) individuals regularly dedicate their time towards our inspiring space. Committee Members are listed with surnames, other volunteers are listed first name only, for privacy.

Mrs. Anne Gadsby

Anne wears many hats at Artrageous and has been a devoted volunteer virtually since the doors opened in 1999. Anne currently facilitates the Articipate Programme (for Special Needs) every Tuesday and as Gallery 4017 Curator, knows exactly how to present an exhibition for our local emerging artists. Anne previously held the office of Vice-President and currently holds a management committee voting position as "Artist-In-Residence". Her 'green thumb' and creative style is evident to anyone who visits our courtyard garden. She is caring, creative and loads of fun to be around. Her energy and laughter is infectious to all who know her.  

Thank You Anne, you're totally artrageous in every way!

Mr. Shane Rodwell

Shane is our Artistic Director and, similar to Anne Gadsby, holds a managment committee voting position as "Artist-In-Residence", Shane, has been with the centre for many years. He previously took responsibility of the role as President and has many years experience in Theatre, Stage Production and Acting. Shane volunteers many hours per week towards the centre either creatively and administratively.  He also hires our space to facilitate his Drawing and Painting Classes on Wednesday and Thursday. Check our Classes section for details including "Master Class" opportunities.

Thank You Shane, you inspire us to reach new heights of excellence, in word and deed.


Mary & Bill J.
Special mention to two of our most treasured and oldest volunteers, Mary and Bill, who have been giving their time and skills to Artrageous for many years. Mary is involved in delivering the Articipate Programme which is facilitated by her daughter Anne Gadsby. Every week she brings some baked 'goodies' for Tuesday morning tea. Bill is often called upon to perform small maintence jobs and also cooks a "hard to beat" sausage sizzle! Artrageous is incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing couple who contribute their time, passion and enthusiasm to make our community a richer place to live.  
Thanks Mary, may you 'dessert' us forever, and Thanks Bill, for hammering things home when we need a fix.

bill and mary



Shirley J.

Shirley has been part of Team Artrageous for many years, and regularly volunteers her time on Tuesdays helping with the Articipate morning teas.

Thanks Aunty Shirl, you're bonza!

Kathleen L.

Kathleen is our web-mistress. She is the one we call when we are the gremlins in the machine.  

Thanks Kathleen, for exposing us online.

Cheryl L.

Cheryl facilitates the Craftrageous class on Friday mornings. As a professional crafter, avid Potter and Artist, Cheryl is also our Fundraising CoOrdinator. You'll find her and her Sizzle Team tonging it at Bunnings Carseldine each month.  

Thanks Cheryl, you're a saint!


Carol K.

Carol answered our request for a 'tea and tidy' for Thursday morning painting class. Not only does Carol bring scrumptous cakes for morning tea, she has also taken a keen interest in the class and is now a student.  

Thanks Carol, you're a gem.

Bob T.

Bob spends most Friday mornings making the place spic and span. From mopping out the gallery to shining the windows, Bob is one of the gentle behind-the-scenes volunteers we all know exist but rarely see. If you join the Friday morning Craftrageous group, you'll get to meet him.  

Thanks Bob, for keeping up appearances.

Suzanne M.

Special mention goes to Suzanne, painting student and volunteer. Birthday cakes are her specialty. Those of us lucky enough to celebrate a birthday at Artrageous have been rewarded with a baked delight from Suzanne.  

Thanks Suzanne, our resident texture queen.



And Thanks go to all the shy volunteers who didn't want to be mentioned here.

If you have a change of mind, we'll be happy to update this page to include you.

Call us on 07 3269 1535 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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