Painting Class

Thursday (Two) Painting Classes with Mr. Shane Rodwell - Artist In Residence

Aerial perspective? . . . not a birds eye view but a way to show depth in your work.

Discord and "Datcord" . . . how can they be effective?

Broken colour? We can fix it!

Isn't the language of art fascinating?

Landscapes, Portraits, Still Lives and Pictures of Pets are all within your reach.

Acrylic or Oil, Watercolour or Gouache, let's have a brush with them all.

When: Thursday 10am - 12pm  or  1pm - 3pm

How Much: $20 per person (2 hour session) payable to Mr. Rodwell.

What to bring? Canvas, brushes, paint etc


3-hour MASTER CLASS now available.

Cost $100 for a comprehensive private session with Mr. Shane Rodwell.

Please contact Shane for details about the class structure, medium and etc.

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