Articipate (Special Needs) Facilitated by Anne Gadsby

Our Articipate Facilitator, Anne Gadsby, joined the Artrageous team in December 1999. In 2002, after discussions with Disability Services Qld and their affiliates, Anne identified a need for this creative outlet to include people who are marginalised. People with limited motor skills, poor verbal skills or who are totally uncommunicative require customised activities beyond the ‘standard’ Disability Services regime.

Our Special Needs Programme called ‘Articipate’ (facilitated by Anne Gadsby since 2002) was developed to provide a financially viable option to meet the demand for these specialised workshops. Each Articipate session is 2 hours in length. We have one morning and one afternoon session every Tuesday and once a month on a Wednesday we host a similar programme with Masonic Care Qld residents (Sandgate). Our clients see it as an exciting weekly social event and some have been regular participants since 2002. Every participant proudly takes home a finished activity.

Organisations which rely on our Articipate programme include but are not limited to: Disability Services Qld, MultiCap, Blue Care Qld, Masonic Care Qld, Centre Care and Bernie Brae.

These workshops are labour intensive for the facilitator and assistants, as the participants require one-on-one guidance. The small fee we charge, $10 per client, goes towards the cost of the activity. This includes consumables such as paint and paper, refreshments (we provide morning or afternoon tea), and the general running cost of the centre. Currently, all the activities are limited to what we receive as donations and include paper plates, cardboard cylinders, toilet paper rolls & etc. As funds are limited, there is rarely enough scope to be expansively creative. Financial assistance would allow us to introduce diversity of media to enhance the Articipate experience for our clients. Quite often the cost is borne by the Volunteers or the Facilitator.

If you want to help sponsor our Special Needs Programme we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to assist with our programme, we are looking for regular volunteers to help with the 'recovery & clean-up' at the end of the days activities. Approx 1 hour per week, from 2.30pm - 3.30pm Tuesdays.


Articipate - Every Tuesday at Artrageous

84 - 88 Loftus Street, Deagon Q 4017

Contact:  Anne Gadsby
When: Tuesday (Morning Session) 10am - 12pm, Tuesday (Afternoon Session) 12:30pm - 2:30pm
Why: Because it is fun!
Who: Those with special needs.
Cost: $10 per session includes morning or afternoon tea.

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